Vegan MoFo – Spooky Scary Bad

Halloween approaches, so what better than a trip to an creepy themed pub for lunch?

I had to actually climb up onto these seats and then sit with my little feet dangling as if sent back in time to be a toddler in my parents house or possibly awaiting bone grinding in the Giant's Castle… which was the more frightening prospect? *unsure*

But accompanied as I was by staunch and heroic companions, all was well… menus were browsed.

No quinoa was ordered. Deep fried badness… yum.

A dark and mysterious, caffienated, sugar loaded beverage…

*throws head back and laughs demonically*

*strains neck, sits back up faintly abashed*

Baked potato with bean chilli… wait a minute, that's a bit wholesome… quickly moving on…

Salad – NO! No, no, no… though there in the background are statues of Vlad the Impaler and Dracula (look hard, really hard) so all is not lost…

Toilet door. Note the creepy, blurred special effects of the photo – no effort was spared in the making of this post.

A poor little demon in a cage… we should start a campaign to free it or something…

*sugar rush of mysterious drink wears off*

*stares dismally at pumpkin and considers next post*


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