Vegan Mofo – Grey days

Although yesterday was a crisp autumn day with blue skies, today was just the opposite. It's been dark and grey all day – very uninspiring. We were both at home at lunchtime but there was no bread and no leftovers so we used up bits and bobs in the fridge which happened to be some small potatoes which I smothered in ajvar, a handful of salad, a few mushrooms (fried with some oregano), a yellow pepper, a tomato and some of those pickled asparagus. Neither of us can decide if we really like the asparagus. I always feel like I'm eating salamander like one of these cute little axolotls.


For dessert, I had an apple cooked in some margarine and brown sugar with some raisins thrown in and a bit of oat cream to top it off. It was a bit like eating a toffee apple but nicer.

Caramel apples

Dinner was left to Jonathan. He based the meal around what could be bought at the nearest shop which has a limited selection. We had more potatoes (this time boiled then fried), with a sort of dahl and a green salad. Mmm, potatoes. It was good and very filling.

Dinner by Jonathan

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