Autumnal eating

(a banana cake with lemon 'butter' icing and brambles)

 Nothing too exciting today. It's so cold today that my mind has gone numb. Gone are all the thoughts of potential MoFo posts that have been swirling round my head the last few days. All I can think of are things like spicy hot chocolate to slurp by the fire and foods full of ginger, chillies and garlic to warm and fend off colds. I want fatty foods such as pastry, crumble and dumplings to create an extra layer on my body to keep me toasty on the daily walks. I don't want a salad anywhere near me…too cold, too light, too refreshing. I want toast and crumpets made on the open fire and eaten close enough to the flames that they also toast my clothes.

It makes me realise that seasonal eating is not just about eating food which is in season.

(On another note we have suddenly become a family that has pudding every night…or cake…or some sort of baked product. I'm putting this down to seasonal behaviour too and not a sudden bout of greed!)

2 thoughts on “Autumnal eating

  1. never thought of putting brambles together with a banana cake, sounds gorgeous.
    We’re rather the same with the eschewing of cold foods just now but I know I feel better really with green smoothies and salads… but toast… oh lovely toast…

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