Vegan MoFo – Seitan

Last week I made seitan from flour for the first time. I've never made seitan from wheat gluten either, only sausages, so it was a whole new adventure. I used this recipe because it seemed straight forward enough and had a video to go with it. It was quite fun to make. The dough gets all slippery and slimy when it first gets wet then it starts breaking up into weird blobs then it all comes together again. It seemed a little pointless to add spices and soy sauce before washing it but I did it anyway and then washed it all out. A tasty broth to boil it in would probably be enough.

As it took a while to make the seitan, I used it in the first recipe I came across which was a mushroom stroganoff also from Delectable Plant's website. It was pretty good. Jonathan didn't even notice that there were beans in it, but they had been blended to a cream so how could he? We ate it with lots of spaghetti which had been cooked in a tiny pot. One day we'll get larger pots and I won't make everything in a wok.

Seitan stroganoff
With the rest of the seitan, I made an autumn stew from Cooking Vegan Food Up North. Fanny also happens to live in Hallsberg and even supplied me with the dried chanterelles. It was a really cosy stew, very suitable for the cold, rainy weather. It seems to be quite a traditional Swedish dish as I saw a similar recipe in a supermarket magazine only it was called "the hunter's wild stew" and was filled with elk meat and the like.

Autumn stew


3 thoughts on “Vegan MoFo – Seitan

  1. Mine was also a bit spongy but it wasn’t too bad once I’d cut it into small bits and cooked it in a stew. I remember Cat warning me about boiling it. Maybe I’ll try steaming it next time.

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