Vegan MoFo- Potato, onion and ‘cheese’ pie (and some other meals)





Onions and potato slices (covered and slowly fried until the onions are caramelised) mixed with the other half of a ‘cheese’ sauce I’d made for the previous nights calzone. Put it into puff pastry and bake until golden. Serve with a mixture of vegetables.

I make my ‘cheese’ sauces using this quick white sauce as a base and nutritional yeast not pre bought vegan cheese as I just think it tastes tangier (although I also add dijon mustard and light miso for tang also). I don’t use Engevita nutritional yeast but import Red Star Nutritional Yeast at a ridiculous expense (and I mean ridiculous) because it’s that good.  Regarding the vegetables, the kale is from my garden, the cauliflower and carrots are locally grown and the peas came from my deep freeze.

I should point out that while my dinners could be described as being “large and calorific” breakfast is usually porridge and lunch is soup of  a fat free variety. You know…a chop things up throw in pan cover with water type affair. Otherwise known in our house as “using things up”.

Other notable meals have been the calzone (made with homemade pizza dough pulled out of the freezer) and haggis with mashed potato, loads of mixed vegetables covered in a  mustard and leek white sauce and a roast shallot gravy. No photos sadly.

I did make cake though:


I couldn’t decide between cake and apple crumble so combined the two thinking I was being wholly inventive. Of course, it turned out to  be an apple crumb cake. Not as original as I had intended but very tasty.


4 thoughts on “Vegan MoFo- Potato, onion and ‘cheese’ pie (and some other meals)

  1. That pie looks amazing! I’m off to check out your cheese sauce recipe ‘cos I can’t buy vegan cheese here so any cheese sauce recipe gets me excited.

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