Saturday crafting: crochet

I've taken up crochet again because it's easier to fit into my day than sewing which I can do albeit not brilliantly. I can pick up or put down a crochet project so quickly it fits nicely around a baby. If I want to sew I have to find everything, set it up and put it away after so really, at the moment, it's easier not to bother. I'd knit but I find two needles hard to wield and I can clutch them so tightly that my tension increases to the point of being unable to insert the needle. Plus, what am I supposed to do with my elbows? I find them in all sorts of strange unnatural positions.

On top of these practicalities I find my mood is drawn to yarny type activities at this time of year. As the nights draw in and the rain lashes down I want to sit in front of the fire and feel yarn between my fingers. Ive not crocheted anything since I was a teenager and it surprises me how long ago that was! Mentally I'm at least a decade younger than years on this planet.

Persistence has been key here. Persistence and the internet. I used all sorts of videos and step by step guides to help me but found that, as always for me,, making loads of mistakes, ripping things out and starting all over was the best teacher. However, the step by step guide on Granny squares by Lucy at Attic 24 helped the most. It's a completely different type of granny square to mine but it made me realise I was treating it like knitting and crocheting in entirely the wrong place.



 This is my first attempted square. it took six attempts (at least) to get it to the dreadful state you see. I finished it anyway as it was only then, by looking at what wasn't working that I could correct it. It's how my brain works


This is a comparison between the latest square I completed and the first one. Quite different.



The first four I made. #1 I'm not convinced by my choice of colours but there was little in the way of choice when it came to 100% cotton yarn. The shop I went to stops buying in cotton in the autumn and winter so I went with what there was. I wish I'd bought a 4th color now. #2 What's going on with the cream square? I didn't do enough initial treble stitches in the middle but yet I still managed to get the correct amount in the following rings. Where was I putting those stitches?


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