Vegan MoFo – Tar Halva

I promise I eat my greens! I just eat them too quickly before a photo can be taken so end up forced to make another sugary treat!

About a year ago, a friend gave me two bottles of rose water. I've managed to use about a 1/2 cup so far. I also had some rice flour needing used up so I made Tar Halva. There are loads of different halvas around the world. This one is Iranian. I've made Persian Halva before which uses wheat flour instead of rice flour and enjoyed it. It was a little bit like rosy fudge. This one is a little more oily and crumbles apart. It reminded me of play dough, especially as it ended up bright orange. Apparently one teaspoon of liquid saffron does not equal one teaspoon of ground saffron.

Tar Halva

The stirring wasn't too overwhelming. The rice and oil mixture turned a sandy brown after about 15-20 minutes. I ended up stirring a little extra as I thought it was going to thicken but that doesn't happen until the syrup is added. Thankfully it didn't taste burnt.

It is a rather sweet and oily treat so a little piece is quite enough. Jonathan took about a sixth of it but stopped about halfway through.

It's usually eaten at funerals in Iran. My rose water friend told me that Iranians say something about eating someones halva which I guess is like talking about dancing on someones grave.

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