Vegan MoFo- Yorkshire puddings and roast dinners


Firstly, for those that might not know, these are not sweet puddings (although to confuse matters I think they would be great with some vanilla ice-cream and a drizzle of golden syrup) but savoury pudding deliciousness to have alongside a roast. I'm probably going a bit far to say that a sunday (or any day) roast is a British institution but I certainly  grew up with it and it was very much a tradition in my household. It was always the "trimmings" I enjoyed the most…gravy, roast potatoes, dumplings, veg or yorkshire pudding. I simply used this recipe (which confusingly ask you to check this recipe . All I did was use  a tablespoon of gram (chickpea) flour instead of the egg and soya milk instead of dairy milk (oh, and sunflower oil instead of lard!). The most important parts are beating in as much air as possible and pouring the batter into HOT fat.

It completed last nights roast dinner and while I have herby dumplings planned for the next one I'll be making these again.


4 thoughts on “Vegan MoFo- Yorkshire puddings and roast dinners

  1. Oh boy! Yorkshire puddings! I was trying to convince Jonathan that they were good but I think calling them “puddings” put him off. Your photo might convince him though. I think when I was looking for a vegan recipe, your name came up. It’s weird to find recipes by you lurking on the internet.

  2. Mr treehugger and baby treehugger are die hard Yorkshire pudding fanatcis (they are not vegan) so I usually make them a batch of Yorkshires with egg and milk. Last week I was so fed up of missing out (who wants to cook two lots for heavens sake) that I made up a vegan batch and they didn’t even notice!!
    If I’d kept my mouth shut instead of wanting to gloat I could have gotten away with this for years to come….

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