Behold the limitless wonders of soy!

A while ago, Jonathan returned from a barbecue raving about some meringue dessert and begging me to make some. After a quick search, I found a vegan recipe which seemed… not impossible.

After receiving the soy protein isolate and xanthan gum, hand delivered by my dear brother, I finally got around to making it.


They actually worked! Albeit after an hour of mixing. I used this recipe which was pretty straightforward, only I don't have a stand mixing and after 20 minutes of whisking, the soy protein powder and water were only slightly foamy. I let the electric whisk cool down for fear that it would go on fire and then started whisking again. Eventually the volume increased and it was thick enough to show where the beaters had lifted out.

The rest of the recipe was a doddle. It immediately becomes more stable once the vinegar is added and turns into Marshmallow Fluff after the rest of the soy protein is added. I could probably have stopped and eaten it right then but I contented myself with licking the spoons after I'd blobbed the mixture on to the baking tray. The mixture made 11 fairly small meringues that were all eaten in one day, mostly by me. There were only 6 tablespoons of sugar in the whole recipe which didn't seem too bad.


We ate them crushed up with vegan whipping cream and raspberries. It was goooood. I don't even remember liking meringues very much before I was vegan. These were remarkably like egg meringues, light and crispy with a slightly chewy centre but no trace of egginess, just a delightfully candy floss and marshmallow like flavour.

I used Pulsin soya protein isolate which is vegan and unflavoured and did the job beautifully. You can buy it from Amazon and get free postage. 250g is gonna make a lot of meringues!


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