Afternoon tea


  Hannah 223


  Hannah 233



Hannah 229edited


I love afternoon tea. It's such a perfect excuse to get out the ridiculously tall cake stand and the delicate tea set (although could do with a more refined teapot for these occasions).  What better excuse to host one than having a visiting Hannah fresh from a return from Sweden. Next time, however, I will insist on a strict glove and hat policy.

There were two types of finger sandwiches (lovingly prepared and decrusted by Hannah); roasted red pepper with avocado and pea 'butter' with finely sliced radishes (used pure margarine and parsley instead of tarragon). Melt in the mouth Vienesse fingers dipped in chocolate, syrupy gingerbread and coconut cupcakes (from this book) sat ensconced on the cake stand. All vegan dontcha know…and all incredibly delicious. Wish I had an excuse for afternoon tea every day.

2 thoughts on “Afternoon tea

  1. Well, you know if you visit I’ll roll out the cake stand again. Cake tastes even better with a cake stand!
    It was all too good and after a few days on the sugar train I think I need to get off for a while.

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