The best time of the year!

We have reached what could be my most favourite time of the year. No, not the Scottish summer which round these parts has become both vaguely depressing and bewildering. It's very true that people in Scotland talk about the weather almost all the time. It's how we greet each other round here. "Bit windy", "lovely day", "might miss the rain"…etc etc. It's also true that it is possible to get every season in one day. Two days ago it started out sunny and warm, got hotter and progressed to an autumnal chill right through to hail stones during my walk and a longing wish that I had taken my gloves out with me. Yesterday morning was so cold we had the heating on but by the evening the sun was scorching and every window was thrown open. This sort of weather poses the dilemma of "what on earth do you dress yourself and the baby in to cope with all weather eventualities?" It is quite common to leave the house wrapped up against chills and rain and half an hour later to be sweating and cursing as the sun beats down and you worry that your baby is overdressed. Plus the weather is nothing in comparison to the evils of a Scottish midge.I remember an episode of the X Files where Mulder and Scully, in an isolated wood, get sucked dry and cocooned by some flying beasties…the writers had clearly been inspired by a trip to Scotland. Midges wont cocoon you though, there not that generous, they'll just leave you sucked dry and crazily itchy.

So no, summer weather is not the best time of the year but these are!

honey mangoes

Honey mangoes! Oh, how I love you so. They are nothing like the green/red fibrous mangoes.These are incredibly sweet and velvety soft. We like to eat them over the sink with no dignity. We also turn them into mango and sweet potato curry and I like to cut them into strips and marinate them in chopped fresh red chilli, lime juice and fresh coriander and then throw them into asian inspired salads (noodles, veg, sesame dressing). We'll just keep buying and eating them by the box until they aren't so sweet or velvety and then leave them for another year. 

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