Why I like photographing my garden

I have noticed that when I photograph my garden it looks sensational. It looks luscious, bursting with colour and it looks packed. I love looking at the photos. I love looking at them because it hides the reality of what is really a chaotic and dismembered garden. In the photos you can not see:

  • all the dog poo
  • all the scorched grass from where the dog has peed 
  • the collapsed and rotten garden shed which just has a front and a decomposing base and no roof
  • the mounds of turf that never got disposed of and now grow grass which can not be mown because of the lumpiness and height of the mounds
  • the moss
  • the dead mice and birds brought back and deposited in the long grass for lawn mowing surprises
  • the yellowing and decaying plants which didn't get planted out in time so although they are now in the ground lets face it, they'll be dead soon

It's no wonder I'd rather look at the photos.


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