This website was created on a whim as a place where three untraditional housewives could post whatever we felt like with no real organisation or planning. 

Now, in descending chronological order:


BumLucy spent much of her childhood and teenage time dancing and playing loud music and getting into trouble for both. Spurred on by this, she then spent several years encouraging others to do the same. After meeting a similarly inclined man and producing two small people, there then followed a soul sucking period in her life of accepting money to persuade lots of small people to conform. It wasn’t pretty. She is not proud of it. 

She now writes obsessively, dances sweatily and stares into space maniacally, sometimes scaring people. Along with running and, posting on the Modern Housewife Series Vol I is probably the sanest activity Lucy can currently name



P1010169Cat spent her formative years being a formidable force to be reckoned with and making boys cry with her laser stare (true). This was soon knocked out of her while attending boarding school which could only be compared to Hogwarts if you imagine it full of Dementors.

After surviving school Cat studied tv and film production and at one point taught broadcasting until giving it all up to cook in a vegetarian restaurant. She then trained as a herbalist and went on to run the herbal degree program. Having left school with one higher she feels it just goes to show…but what exactly still remains a mystery.

Cat now stays at home nurturing her baby while her man slogs away for the NHS and also occasionally blogs over at The Tasty Herbalist.



IMG_2308Hannah lives in Sweden with her Swedeheart Jonathan and oversized kitten Bruce. Still uncertain what to do with her life, she passes the time studying Swedish and stuffing her face with cakes. Her sweet tooth will lead to a life of obesity but that is not enough to put her off yet