Malmö is a windy city. Pair that with my love of ripping flesh from my lips and there is can be pain and blood. However, not with Hurraw's all natural, organic, vegan lip balm. They are true to their word and it is not too sticky or sweet. The coconut balm smells nice without making me nauseous. I haven't opened the vanilla one yet but I'm looking forward to it, it contains real vanilla bean seeds! Jonathan has the mint lip balm which is quite strong but delicious. If he didn't get snus all over it, I'd use it all the time.


Hurraw! Coconut and Vanilla bean lip balms

Oh yes, forgot to mention that I bought my lip balms from Super Smoocher. They have free UK delivery and cheap European postage. One lip balm was about £7 pounds plus postage from a Swedish site; I paid £4 for each of mine including the postage.


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