Homemade Almond Butter

For some reason these amaranth snack bars really appeal to me. Maybe because I can parade around as if I had a wholesome diet whilst nomming on some sweet deliciousness. Jonathan is away until the end of the week and I worry I would eat all 81 square inches of it before he returns so I haven't made it just yet. Instead I made some almond butter in preparation.


Almond butter

Homemade nut butters have always scared me a little; nothing ever seems to grind properly. Turns out I just hadn't had the perseverance. Rawmazing's recipe encouraged me and I finally tried it out with my little Philips food processor. I only had one cup of almonds but that was plenty for a first go. It took much longer than 12 minutes, maybe because I was stopping to scrape it so regularly, but it eventually came together without the food processor bursting into flames. I used unblanched almonds and didn't add any agave nectar or salt. It has quite a sticky texture but spreads well and tastes just like… almonds!

Almond butter

3 thoughts on “Homemade Almond Butter

  1. i like recipes that tell you times. I had thought about making some nut butters too but wasn’t sure how easy it was…now i know!
    I really should do more with nuts other than eating them straight out the bag. Must experiment

  2. The times and photos helped a lot. If I can do it, I am certain you can. One website suggested adding extra things at the end like rose water or chocolate chips. Might do that if I ever make it just for sandwiches.

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