Does ‘toyless’ equate to ‘soul-less’?

A worry I had about my house recently. Not a huge worry, I didn't lose sleep. But for a few moments, anticipating the arrival of a friend with her eighteen month old, I looked around and wondered. The small child was going to be bored here, in the abode of adults and teenagers who now play with ipods more than playmobil (a strange and sudden metamorphosis that was). A swift march to younger teen's wardrobe, a frustrated dig and pull later (more project action babe press ups needed) and toyboxes had been unearthed.

Ring Wraith Horse – why was this ever put away??? The keeness with which we set about arranging and playing with miniture equines was quite heartwarming…

I looked around and found other ensouled objects sitting about anyway:


John Lennon and the Beatles within were actually the most favoured toy of the day by visiting little person 🙂

And then I looked out and blew up this:

Wow. So many years since I've been on one of these, what a workout! It's amazing the difference a pair of antenna make to a gym ball… however a sports bra is essential here too. Leaping across the dining room on it in a Tesco balcony bra causes VERY BAD THINGS to happen and these words to be said: "there was no point you turning away to fix yourself, we all saw you in the mirror anyway". I have lovely friends 😀

4 thoughts on “Does ‘toyless’ equate to ‘soul-less’?

  1. I believe that, despite being 22, the youngest child and living in a different country, there are still boxes of toys in my room and the attic. I need something to entertain myself when I go back. I hope the Playmobil is still there!

  2. Funny, I now find my ipod boring and am reverting to more traditional activities to entertain me…could be as I have misplaced my ipod though!
    I have noticed that wee ones find the most unexpected things entertaining but I suppose its because they are discovering something, which you or I see on a daily basis, for the first time. Baby loves bottles of water and how they slosh about and sparkle in the light…she must find it quite magical.
    I still love playmobil and am VERY excited about the prospect of her playing with those. Perhaps I’m a little excited for myself too!
    Hannah- you can entertain yourself playing with the babies toys. They are quite simple ones at the moment but sometimes simple is best. I find the squeaky ones the most entertaining!
    Lucy- sports bras excellent and really do eliminate over exposure due to exercise related incidents!

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