More vintage patterns for knitters

Ghostbusters knitted jumper pattern

Does a pattern count as vintage if it's from the 80's? Thought not. Still, you have to admit these are quite snazzy. While I really have no intention of knitting I like the idea of using the pattern as an embroidery guide. I'm thinking of a selection of beautifully crafted hand stitched Ghostbusters logos and A team vans.Guess what everyone's getting for Christmas?! Hope all my friends are as geeky as me? Wait, I know they are!

I continued flicking through my fine collection of patterns and when I came across this one I felt deep sorrow for the small boy in the jumper and the unfortunate haircut inflicted upon him…

Samsyco girls jumper

then I noticed it was a girl! Girls jumpers it says! I hope she didn't need counselling. I'm still scarred from a page boy haircut as a child when everyone used to think I was a little boy. It didn't help that my mum let me run around in pants and a vest while my friend wore girly dresses and had long hair tied up with ribbons.

But the horror didn't end there, no! Once when I was about 17 I accidentally asked a hairdresser to cut my hair short and a child on a busy quiet train turned round to her father and, pointing at me, asked loudly and clearly "is it a boy or a girl"? I have kept my hair fairly long every since.

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