Clothing a new body

a difficult to dress leg
I'm not talking about dressing the baby although lets be honest that's a post in itself…"How to dress your baby in clothes you would never buy let alone go out in public in but still you have them now and you're not sure if anyone would notice or be offended if you sold them on ebay"…no, I'm talking about dressing myself post baby.

Before you get concerned i am capable of putting clothes on and I do so on a daily basis. I don't even lounge around in my pyjamas all day. The issue is that I'm unsure what to cloth myself in. My maternity clothes are too baggy but my pre pregnancy clothes are too tight and add to this the fact that my breasts are so enlarged that blouses and t-shirts do not decently cover me. Not at all. Tight tops are out as breast pads are then visible and anything light or coloured is a no go due to leaking. My choice is black and loose or…nothing.

I'm breastfeeding so I have no intention of restricting what I eat to lose any weight as frankly I'm not bothered about a little extra girth at the moment but what does bother me is a) The lack of clothing that I have to wear and b) The lack of choice I feel I have as a breastfeeding woman if I wanted to buy more.

What I do wear are two long loose but not too baggy maternity tops, one pair of maternity jeans (held up with a belt) and one pair of size 8 jeans which do not tie but that's OK as the button has fallen off anyway so I hold them up with another belt which simply holds them half closed…the zip does not tie up. The rest of my clothes are even less practical and functional than the ones I wear. For example: 8 skirts, 4 skin tight dresses, 4 pairs of heels, 1 pair of trousers and no tops. Not one. Well one actually but it didn't really fasten over my chest before so it sure wont ever again!

What's a woman to do? Do I slob around in my depressing 4 items of clothing? Do I buy more clothes to temporarily fill the gap? and if I do buy more clothes is there anything that is both practical in terms of whipping my boobs out when required but can also make me feel beautiful in the process? Any ideas?


3 thoughts on “Clothing a new body

  1. I remember wearing Davies shirts for a while and going down a very frumpy, do not care at all what I wear road.
    However, my advice is to buy some clothes that make you feel good now… I got good at just shoving a baby under my top when out but very much depends on individual child!!

  2. Ive treated myself to some new shoes to wear with my limited choice of clothes and dug out a fancy belt I can cinch in tops, trousers and belly with! 😉

  3. Your sailor dress will be mine! 🙂
    The only other breastfeeding woman I know has been wearing black dresses made of jersey cotton. I think they were V necks so she could feed quite easily.
    Your leg looks so long in that photo!

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