I run ultra marathons…


…in my head. Really! you see in my head I am an amazing runner. I can run effortlessly up mountains and leap down the other side rather like a mountain goat. I can run for hours on end without feeling fatigued, dehydrated or feeling like I want to vomit. In my head these shoes take me for miles.

Reality however is much more depressing. I can barely run for 30 seconds. Woe.

How can this be? I bought these shoes a year ago with grand running plans. I even entered a 5K and ran it in reasonably good time with no training. (This is a theme of mine. I once ran a 10K with no training and I only did it as I was raising money for someone I worked with for their child. How could I not when I had his little face o my t-shirt!? Anyway I ran it in about 1 hr 13 I think and didn't walk at all. I was ill for days).  Then I was pregnant and really all my running shoes did was carry my lardy arse and gargantuan belly around for months on end. They became my waddling shoes.

Now baby is here and it is time for those shoes to reclaim their rightful title of "running shoe". Go forth shoes and let us lumber through the countryside sweating and swearing as we go. 

(I like the idea of setting myself a challenge of running nought to sixty km in a year. Then I realised that 60km is a bit over 30 miles so maybe not…or maybe?…)


2 thoughts on “I run ultra marathons…

  1. Thanks Lucy. I’m enjoying posting as it gives me a moment to clear my head and keep a grip on me the individual rather than me the mummy. 🙂

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