Patterns for the discerning knitter

Along with my aquisition of eyes and noses came three folders of quite outstanding retro and vintage knitting patterns. Reeeeeally outstanding. 

I pity the fool who doesn't own this:

knit with Mr T

C'mon, who wouldn't want Mr T's face on their jumper although I am more drawn to the simpler "A Team" motif… 


knitted A Team jumpers

 Almost on a par with the A Team are these fetching his and hers Batman knits but really they don't scream basketball to me…


knitted Batman jumper

…must be wrong!

This next one is genuinely my favourite and although I don't knit I have every intention of mastering it so I can whip up selection of these fine hats. Perhaps I will have completed one by winter but I wont hold my breath. 

vintage knitted hats

 Beautiful and so very different from the usual knitted hat.

One final booklet of hats which I probably wont be knitting…

knitted boys bonnet
…lovely! Wonder if the Nephews would thank me for these…?


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