The practicalities of reusable nappies part one: The washing


Lets face it. I'm a slovenly mother. I mean that in the kindest way towards myself as if there is a choice between spending time with my baby or housework then baby takes priority. Still, what this means is that no way am I going to do something which massively increases my workload so why on earth did I choose to use reusable nappies?

I believe there is a misconception that cloth nappies are hard work and really, they're not. They take the same length of time to change as a disposable and then rather than putting them in the bin I put them in a lidded bucket which is lined with a mesh bag. The only extra work is washing them but come on, I'm hardly doing that by hand. i grab the mesh bag and throw the lot in the washing machine where the wonders of technology do my work and then I hang them out or hang them up. As I have to do the same thing with clothes it's not an issue for me.

I wash the nappies and their wraps separate from other laundry and usually do them at 40 degrees (with occasional 60 degree wash for the nappies only) using non bio liquid and a good glug of bog standard malt vinegar (prevents the nappies from smelling a bit odd due to combination of wee, poo and product build up from laundry liquid). Hanging them out in even a weak sun bleaches them and even the most horrific poo stains disappear. Who needs enzymes and chemical whiteners!?

Easy, easy and the best thing is I don't have dirty nappies fermenting in the heat of my rubbish bin for a fortnight. Bonus!



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