Pancakes with berry sauce

Mmmm, pancakes. I always think they are too difficult to make but I made some today using Vegan Yum Yum's Easy Weekend Pancake recipe. They were very easy. Especially as they are small and Jonathan has a special pancake pan with 7 little circular indents to pour the batter into. 



He insisted on calling them "plättar" instead of pancakes because they were small.

We ate them with whipped, vegan cream and whole berry sauce from Vegan Brunch. The sauce was made from frozen, mixed summer berries. It was really easy to make. I feel it was not a completely unhealthy breakfast as the pancakes were made with spelt flour and we each consumed a cup of berries and berries are super fantastic. They weren't even full of sugar! I wouldn't eat them every day though, they gave me a bit of a buzz.

 Pancakes with vegan cream and berry sauce

One thought on “Pancakes with berry sauce

  1. Erm…yum!!
    They look awesomely delicious! I agree that they are healthy…at least two of your five if it was mixed fruit I’d say! 😀

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