Chocolate-Orange Cake

One of my friends invited me to dinner yesterday. I said I would bring dessert. After eating about 14 semlor in as many days, I felt I should try and be a little healthier so I stopped by the Fatfree Vegan Kitchen again to see what she was offering. I've never tried any of her desserts before, she doesn't often post sweet things but there were quite a few older posts. The chocolate-orange cake took my fancy.


Chocolate-Orange Cake


I'm not crazy about oranges but I do love orange with chocolate. My cake wasn't quite fat free as I only had half a cup of soya yoghurt left so I used a quarter cup of rape seed oil too. I didn't find it dense at all. Maybe not quite as light as some cupcakes but it was just right. I can smell it every time I go into the kitchen and it smells delightful, full of cinamon, orange and chocolate. It's very hard to resist eating a slice each time. I did end up eating a small piece for breakfast. But only after some toast and a banana! Anyway, it's full of vitamin C and wholemeal goodness so it's very healthy, I'm sure.


2 thoughts on “Chocolate-Orange Cake

  1. This bundt tin was a little strange. The cake looked like a wheel. The edges were very square, not curving, and a pattern was embossed on top. It was the first time I had used it.

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