Valentine’s dinner

Mr Hannah was working until 9 last night giving me plenty of time to prance around the kitchen. I thought I might as well make a Valentine’s themed dinner as I do have a lot of silcone heart and rose shaped moulds. Thanks to Susan Voisin over at Fatfree Vegan Kitchen, I found just the thing to fill up my hearts.


Valentine's dinner

Mini Crustless Tofu Quiches! I made these with broccoli instead of mushrooms but that was the only change. It made 8 hearts. They were tasty. We ate them with roasted potato chunks, lemony asparagus and salad. I thoroughly enjoyed it. They looked much nicer in reality but the camera was out of battery so it is a phone photo taken at night.

I had to make a second batch, this time with the mushrooms, as I bought an extra block of tofu. They were still good but liked the broccoli slightly more.  Although I have now charged the camera battery, we ate them before taking a single photograph.

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