Preparing the nest Part 2


Now that my desire to sew baby clothes has passed my new obsession is nappies. Who knew there were so many kinds?! Rather naively I thought that the world of the reusable nappy would offer me a couple of choices but there are flats (terries or prefolds), all in ones, shaped, pocket and birth to potty. Within each of those categories are sub categories. What kind of fasteners do you want? poppers, velcro, tied or perhaps use a nappi nipper? What material do you want? Cotton (bleached, unbleached, organic), bamboo, microfibre, plain, coloured, patterned? All this without considering whether you need waterproof wraps (velcro, popper, sized, one size?), boosters or liners. 

There are also the indisputable facts that I don't know what size or weight my baby will be when it's born and that I have no previous experience of reusable nappies (I don't feel that safety pinning terry towelling nappies onto dolls as a child really counts). So you will agree it's a confusing new world I have entered.

Finally add to that mix the mystery surrounding how they go on. Some are obviously straight forward but when faced with a large expanse of cloth with no instructions I mean really…how does it all go together?!! No wonder people are put off using reusables, it's bewildering.

Thankfully I came across The Nappy Lady just this morning and all is well now as she explains how to put on every type of nappy imaginable. Hurrah!

Now, if you don't mind, I'm off to obsess about such things as the storing of used nappies so the dog can't get at them (nom nom nom).


2 thoughts on “Preparing the nest Part 2

  1. amazed by the choice – things have really come on in 17 years!! I went down the disposable route, I am ashamed to say so will watch your nappies with great interest 🙂

  2. Too much choice! I fear I may post up reviews of each type of nappy but Ill try not to get too graphic or carried away! So many people do end up going down the disposable route and a decade or so ago it was probably near impossible to get info on reusables or be able to buy them.
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